Project Overview:

Partner: Association for Fundraising Professionals

The Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Award for Outstanding Fundraising Volunteer is shown in this video project. The video is mostly about the winner of this prestigious award, Don Schuman. Don has volunteered his time and energy to many fundraising efforts, which has had a huge effect on his community.

Don was kind enough to let me record an interview with him and his inspiring story. Don talks about his love of fundraising and how he has made a difference in his community in the video. I look at his ideas, experiences, and problems, focusing on how he overcame them along the way. Don’s dedication to fundraising has not only changed the lives of those who have directly benefitted, but it has also motivated other people to do the same and make a difference.

This video shows how powerful one person’s hard work and passion can be. By telling Don’s story, we hope to encourage and inspire people to learn more about fundraising and volunteering. I think that everyone has the power to make a big difference, just like Don did.

Digital Fever Media was able to capture the essence of Don’s journey through this project, which shows how important volunteering is and how it can change communities. I hope that this video gives people ideas and inspires them to get involved in their own communities to make a difference for the better.