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about me

Hi, I'm Mason Sterr.
Your Photographer
And Videographer.

It’s quite simple; I have a burning desire to photograph and film your brand and stories. I create original, dynamic, and genuine videos and photos in Wisconsin, using modern video production and photography practices. My goal is not only to reach your audience, but to connect communities. 

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24 +
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Every Frame, Tells A Story


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Make The Picture, Not Take It


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Consistent Plan, Better Results


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Latest Works

Why My
Production Company?

I aim to transform your business and market. I ensure every project and campaign will grow your brand and increase its market influence through strategic planning and creative excellence.
I value new ideas and creative problem-solving. I'm always looking for dynamic, engaging multimedia storytelling methods.
Your brand's message should stand out in a sea of information. I simplify complex ideas into engaging stories that connect people to your brand's values and products.
I uphold the highest standards of honesty and transparency in all my dealings. I believe in doing right for my partners, my team, and our community, fostering trust and long-term relationships.
My primary objective is to make and share excellent quality, dynamic content that not only attracts and engages an array of people, but also connects communities. I devote ourselves to establishing and carrying out a plan at all times, ensuring that all of the content I create is in line with the main goals. I believe that stories have power and that shared experiences are valuable.
My ultimate goal is to be known for the incredible, open, collaborative, and honest way I make unique multimedia content. I desire to connect with and inspire a wide range of audiences by making content that is dynamic, creative, and relevant to each person's unique experiences and points of view. I want to help my partners succeed in the most fundamental manner possible by creating modern visuals that are both compelling and simple to connect to. With this vision, I'm not just going to make content; but also, I'm going to make experiences and stories that people will remember, which will help you succeed.

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