Project Overview:

Partner: Tiffany Holtz Real Estate Group

Digital Fever Media show the Tiffany Holtz Real Estate Group’s annual Customer Appreciation Ball Game in this video. It takes place at Appleton, WI’s famous Timber Rattlers Stadium. This event is more than just a baseball game; it’s a celebration of community and a way for us to say thank you to our wonderful customers. As the event’s official media sponsor, DFM got to record the best parts of this great event.

My goal with our high-quality multimedia production was to show how exciting and happy this special day was. Tiffany Holtz Real Estate Group and our team worked together to make sure that every part of the event was captured, from the fun activities to the tasty food and, of course, the exciting baseball game.

The video shows the happy crowd, the smiles on people’s faces, and how much Tiffany Holtz Real Estate Group values their clients. In this case, it shows how close the company is to the people it serves.

People can get a sense of the memorable moments and good vibes that were at the Customer Appreciation Ball Game by watching this video. Insightful information about how Tiffany Holtz Real Estate Group works hard to build strong relationships with their clients and make people feel like they belong in the community.

Overall, this video shows what the event was all about and how much Tiffany Holtz Real Estate Group values their customers. It’s a strong reminder of how important community is and how important it is to make connections that last.