Project Overview:

Partner: ARC Contracting

The motion graphic video for ARC Contracting was made by Digital Fever Media. The video is meant to teach people how to clean their gutters in a complete way. DFM made this video to help people learn more about the outside of their homes. I combined creativity and facts in a way that didn’t look forced so that each frame added to ARC Contracting’s brand story and gave viewers useful information. This video shows you how to clean your gutters step-by-step with interesting animations and useful text, emphasizing how important it is for homeowners to do this maintenance task. The video shows how knowledgeable ARC Contracting is about home exteriors and how dedicated they are to giving excellent services. By showing off their skills and knowledge, ARC Contracting establishes themselves as a trustworthy company that homeowners can hire to clean their gutters. The outcome of this motion graphic video is a visually appealing and informative guide that helps homeowners understand how to clean their gutters. It makes ARC Contracting a respected leader in the field and helps them reach their intended audience.