Project Overview:

Client: Fox Communities Credit Union

The video Bike To The Beat 2023 – A Community Ride Through Wisconsin Cities is very interesting and shows how lively and fun this annual event is. Together with our client, I captured the spirit of community as more than 2,000 people come together to pedal for a cause.

The scenic bike ride through the middle of Wisconsin was captured by DFM, which showed off the riders’ energy and the beautiful scenery. I also got a picture of how friendly the people were, how supportive the local businesses were, and how uplifting live music was.

Not only does the video show how fun and exciting the event was, but it also honors the community for its willingness to work together for a common goal. People who see my work can feel the sense of community that Bike To The Beat creates and learn to value the local businesses and groups that make it all possible.

This video project not only shows how much fun the event was, but it also works really well as a way to promote future Bike To The Beat events. By showing the unique atmosphere and how it affects the community, the video makes more people want to take part in this fun and meaningful activity.

Working together with the client and trying to capture what Bike To The Beat is all about, I was able to make a video that really shows how exciting, energetic, and community-focused this event is.