Project Overview:

Partner: Big Brothers Big Sisters – Door County

The goal of this video project for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Door County is to show how the organization’s mentorship and guidance programs give kids and teens power. Digital Fever Media worked with the client to make an interesting and motivating video that encourages people to become Big Brothers or Big Sisters to kids who need good role models. The video shows how important it is to find new mentors so that young people can have relationships that are meaningful and give them power.

People can make a lasting difference in a child’s life by sharing their time, knowledge, and experiences by becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister. The video talks about how long-term mentoring can change people’s lives and how both mentors and mentees can benefit from these relationships. Together with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Door County, our studio captured the mentors’ varied backgrounds and experiences. This shows that anyone who wants to make a difference can do so.

The video project aims to do more than just find new mentors. It also wants to build community and inspire people to give back. Many people say that becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that lets people make a real difference in the lives of kids. By joining this program, people can help the next generation grow in a good way and make a difference in the lives of young people that will last.

I want this video to make more people aware of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Door County’s work and encourage people to get involved by becoming mentors. The video shows how committed the client is to giving kids and teens more power, and our studio is proud to have worked with them on this project to make a strong video that sticks with people.