Project Overview:

Partner: Envision Greater Fond Du Lac Chamber of Commerce

In 2023, my studio produced Envision Greater Fond Du Lac’s Breakfast on the Farm video. The video highlighted the strong link between local communities and agriculture. I captured the essence of this significant event with captivating promotional and documentary footage.

The video shows the event’s activities and experiences. Breakfast on The Farm’s unique atmosphere is captured in the video’s educational farm tours, engaging instruction, and delicious breakfast.

Community engagement and sustainable agriculture are crucial to Envision Greater Fond Du Lac, a non-profit. Digital Fever Media collaborated with the organization to realize its video vision. I used compelling visuals, insightful interviews, and a compelling narrative to convey this event’s importance and impact on the local community.

The result is a captivating and informative video that highlights Breakfast on the Farm and the importance of local communities and agriculture. We want to show viewers how important supporting local farmers and sustainable farming is by capturing this event.

We worked with Envision Greater Fond Du Lac on this video project to promote community engagement and sustainable agriculture. Our creative approach and attention to detail helped us create a video that captures Breakfast on The Farm and its impact on the community.